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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. Hope you enjoy my blog! 


Welcome to Leather & Lace a lifestyle blog discussing fashion, travel, beauty and well everything in between! Many of you may be asking where did this name come from and well here it is... 
In life I feel I represent the balance between trendy leather jackets and classy lace dresses, the modern chic lifestyle many people fit into. I have a love for the perfect black leather pants with a good choker and black booties, but I also love the simplicity and class of a tea length skirt, lace top and the most perfect pair of flats. I find myself balancing my life between leather and lace with fashion and life in general. 

Whether you side with leather or lace or seem to fit right in the middle I will be covering all areas! I have a passion for blogging and I welcome you into my world of leather & lace and everything in between. I hope you enjoy, feel free to leave comments or contact me and follow me on all forms of social media! Welcome to my world of Leather & Lace.

xoxo Jessa

Where my coffee addicts at??

Where my coffee addicts at??